Policy on Official Correspondence with Students

You are responsible for setting up an official university email address and for correspondence sent to you by the University at that account. It is important that you read the policy.

Update your email address to a U of T email address

Only university-sponsored email addresses (those ending in mail.utoronto.ca, utoronto.ca or toronto.edu) can be updated through ACORN. Please make certain you update your U of T email address as soon as possible and before classes begin.

Update your email address to a non-U of T email address

Many residence-related emails are sent throughout July and August. If you you have a high school-issued email address registered on your U of T record or another email address that you may not have access to during the summer, you may want to update your information to a personal/alternate email address to ensure that you do not miss residence-related correspondence. To do so, contact your Registrar.